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Your participation in the life of this parish helps our parish grow, gives us new energy and enables us to proclaim the Kingdom of God to our friends and neighbours.  We invite you to become involved more deeply by actively participating in any one or more of the great ministries listed below.  Your gift of time and talent to the parish will give you an opportunity to make friends and get to know the people of the parish.


Below are our areas of ministry. We would love for you to share your talents with us and the community.


Click on a ministry area for more information. Each main ministry group holds a number of opportunities to serve the Lord in our Parish. You can try out any number of ministries and let the Holy Spirit guide you as you decide which group or groups suit you best.

Our Ministries


Prayer & Worship


Operational Services



This team has ministry groups involved in Baptisms, Reconciliation, Confirmation, First Communion, the RCIA program, Anointing of the Sick and Vocations.


For more information, contact the Parish Office  Ph 4721 3765

Email   stjoeys@tsv.catholic.org.au


Our Prayer and Worship Ministries requires a leader!


This team has ministry groups involved in Liturgy, Music, Eucharist Ministers, Readers, Altar Servers, Gift Bearers, Adoration, Youth Worship, Collectors, Sacristans, Children's Liturgy, Mass Coordinators.

For more information, contact this ministry group here.  


This team has ministry groups involved in St Vincent de Paul, Parish Outreach, Ecumenical, Social Justice, Healing, Loss, and Communion to the Sick.


For more information,  contact the Parish Office  Ph 4721 7365

Email stjoeys@tsv.catholic.org.au

Our Operational Services Ministries Leader is Barry Tognola.


This team has ministry groups involved in Finance, Communications, Parish Management, Cleaning, Counters, and Laundry.


For more information, contact Barry here.  

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